Costa Rica Tops The Happy Planet Index

Happy Planet Index Gauges A Nations Success Costa Rica tops the Happy Planet index year after year. Here Nic Marks, a statistician, brings up some interesting questions about why we measure a nations success by its productivity in a talk he gave for TED Talk back in July of 2010. He explains why the Happy […]

Sustainable Experiments In Paradise

Paradise: crystal clear water, blue sky, sandy beaches, lush vegetation. A generic image, certainly. Costa Rica, nestled in the heart of Central America, is just that – to the untrained eye. Who wouldn’t want to experience life in Costa Rica, if all that Costa Rica has to offer are the startling images of beauty that […]

Why Should You Buy Locally? Because It Just Makes Cents…

When you see the statistics below you may wonder to yourself if the human race really is intelligent. Louanne Crosby sent this out in an email and I just had to post it for everyone to see. How did it get to be like this? This infographic pertains to the USA but the reality is […]

Costa Rica Rocked By 7.6 Earthquake September 5

Most residents of Costa Rica were already working when the earthquake hit the northwestern area of the country. Amazingly though, there was very little damage given the magnitude of the earthquake. This quake was a rolling one that was centered deep under the earth’s surface where one of the earth’s plates was sliding under another […]

Another Costa Rica Development Swindles Millions From Buyers

I feel sorry for the people that get taken by the unscrupulous people in the world that actually plan to swindle people right from the start. It’s one thing for a development to be hit by the financial woes of the rest of the world and fail, while it is quite another to be swindled […]

Earn Money In Your 401k or IRA By Buying Your Retirement Home Now!

Did you know that you can use money held in your retirement account to buy your retirement home in paradise and also earn income for the account as well? If you have not heard, you are not alone. Large financial institutions, like Wells Fargo, Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc., purposely keep you in the dark about […]

El Diquis Hydro-Electric Dam Project Is Controversial

Chances are that if you have been traveling to Costa Rica for a while, you have seen vast improvements in transportation, communication, health care, energy production and more. Beginning in the Central Valley area (San Jose), millions of dollars have been spent on infrastructure, the promotion of tourism and other needed improvements. From there, development […]

Osa Area Getting New Airport Spells Appreciation For Local Residents

For those of you who have been visiting Costa Rica for quite some time, you will surely agree that transportation has improved tremendously during the past 3 years. New roads have been carved through high mountains and potholes have been filled in. One cannot say that driving is perfect here yet, but I think the […]

Buying Real Estate In Costa Rica Certainly Is Different Than The USA

Perhaps one of the most exciting times of our lives is when we purchase a home. Anticipation of living in a brand new neighborhood, new shopping centers close by, new friends and neighbors to meet… are all fun things to think about. Now, consider the feelings you may have when you are buying a new […]