Building An Off-The-Grid House At Rancho San Roque Permaculture Community

Michael Davis and Charlene Butler started making plans to build their dream house earlier this year at the permaculture community they are helping to pioneer. After purchasing two lots in the Rancho San Roque development and getting permits in hand they were ready to break ground and begin construction. Their plans include 4 buildings including […]

I Love Mornings In Costa Rica

Most mornings I wake up at about 5:15 and jump into my hot tub which looks out over the jungle behind our house. I like this time of morning. The sun is just coming up and the air is crisp. At this time of the year it has usually rained over night so everything is […]

Explore Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast In 2 or 3 Trips

I still remember my first trip to Costa Rica with my best friend back in the early 1980’s. That trip is the reason I am living in Costa Rica now. I fell in love with the country like so many people do when they come to visit on vacation. Many times people find themselves spending […]

Find An Intelligent Community In Costa Rica

Intelligent Living That’s a concept that almost anyone would probably agree sounds like a good idea. And an intelligent community, well who wouldn’t want to live there? But what does it mean? Well, the terms “intelligent living” and “intelligent community” are both absent from wikipedia which means the terms are pretty much up for grabs […]

Find Permaculture Communities In Costa Rica

Permaculture is a word we hear quite often lately. It has become a buzz word for a method of land management for farming purposes. Permaculture communities are communities that incorporate permaculture practices in the management of the land the community sits on. The term permaculture comes from Australian Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and dates […]

Creating Food Security For Everyone

Sunday morning marked the beginning of what will hopefully be a long relationship between Osa Mountain Village and the local municipality. Over 50 people showed up to plant fruit trees in front of the local Hospital. Alberto Cole, the local mayor of Osa County, donated public land near the municipal buildings and in front of […]

Nearly Everything In The Pot Came From Our Farm

I was walking by white beans in the local store the other day and decided to buy 2 bags to make some homemade white bean soup. When I got home I pulled out of the freezer the bag of pork ribs I received from the butchering of a pig we raised here on the property […]

Food Security

What Does Food Security Mean To You? Food security is an important part of the Osa Mountain Village Resort plan for sustainability. It is a goal of the community to be able to feed everyone living here in the event of a massive breakdown in the world’s systems. We are not paranoid (although I love […]

Conscious Community In The Making

What is a conscious community? To summarize… a conscious community is people aligned together, leading by example to create a shift in mankind’s consciousness towards building a civilization that allows living constructively, sustainably and peacefully with ample resources for all. The Conscious Community Wave Conscious communities are popping up all over the world as people […]

Two Years Living In Costa Rica… Pura Vida

How often do you stop what you’re doing, look around and say to yourself, “Wow, this is my life!” It has now been two years living in Costa Rica for me and my wife and daughter, and I find myself appreciating this incredible country more every day. I spend most of my time in shorts, […]