Conscious Community In The Making

What is a conscious community? To summarize… a conscious community is people aligned together, leading by example to create a shift in mankind’s consciousness towards building a civilization that allows living constructively, sustainably and peacefully with ample resources for all.

Conscious Community in Costa Rica

View From Serenity Gardens Eco Village Community Center

The Conscious Community Wave

Conscious communities are popping up all over the world as people get fed up living in a system that favors the few at the expense of the many. Conscious communities are usually led or founded by a person or group of people that are ready for change and willing to do the hard work of setting things up for all who are interested to live and enjoy. Find out more about conscious communities at

It is a different concept than what many of us are used to. Conscious communities allow for simpler living and a less stressful lifestyle. They are communal in many respects yet not a commune like you might envision from the 1960’s. Today’s conscious communities are more like a cooperative in a lot of ways.

Serenity Gardens Eco Village is a developing conscious community. It is a work in progress with a goal of being on their own grid and having food & water security for all residents. A small farming community in the mountains above the Pacific Ocean, Serenity Gardens Eco Village will offer residents a peaceful lifestyle in a tropical paradise.

Serenity Gardens Eco Village will offer many types of courses in sustainable living that will go hand in hand with the concepts of building a conscious community. At the time of writing this post there are talks of having yoga and meditation classes, permaculture design courses, massage and healing classes, culinary classes and more. The community business focus will be on educational tourism, although people that move to Serenity Gardens can start a business of any kind with the help of the business network.

If the idea of living a life that treats the planet and its resources as precious and not something to be exploited sounds good to you then check out Serenity Gardens Eco Village. It’s a conscious community in the making.

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