Purchase Options

Purchasing a villa, condo or home site will be the best real estate purchase in Costa Rica you ever make. It may also turn out to be one of the smartest investment choices you ever make as well. With the world facing a global financial crisis and no signs of it getting better any time soon we believe that one could not have a better back up plan than a home located in a sustainable food secure community like Osa Mountain Village. Considering real estate in Costa Rica on many different levels we think you will find Osa Mountain Village to be a superior choice to virtually any other investment option you might come across.

Consider this…

If the world economy continues to decline and hyperinflation hits, food producing, sustainable communities will be one of the most sought out places on the planet to live offering safety and security that large cities cannot provide. Places where families and individuals can live satisfying lives securely during times of chaos with an abundance of things to do and close friends to do them with will become more valuable than owning a mansion in Beverly Hills. And Costa Rica real estate will be among those locations on the planet considered the most desirable. In short, sustainable communities will be the most amazing places in the world to live… they already are and their popularity will soar as things get tougher.


If the world economy miraculously turns around for a while and gets better or even levels out and stays flat, sustainable resorts will become the premier eco-adventure locations for tourists vacationing in the southern zone of Costa Rica. With attractions like the longest Superman line in the world, one of the longest water slides in the world, an incredible zipline tour, bird watching, hiking, biking, waterfall rappelling, horseback riding, spa services and yoga and more to keep people busy, healthy, and entertained, there will never be a dull moment. When you are not living in your villa or home you can add it into our rental pool or choose to rent it out yourself and create another income stream. Southern Costa Rica is a perfect place to call home and the best place to own real estate in Costa Rica.

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