5 Custom Home Sites SOLD OUT

Pizote Flats of Osa Mountain Village is an area that has been permitted and approved for 10,000 square feet of housing. The area was originally referred to as Phase Four and consists of 5 home sites. Each home site can build up to a 2,000 square foot house. If you have an interest in building a custom home at Osa Mountain Village, Pizote Flats may be of interest to you. We would love to see cob homes and/or some other interesting and sustainable building materials used for the homes in Pizote Flats.

Sustainable cob housing Costa Rica real estate.

An exterior example of cob housing

Cob housing is a sustainable building method that incorporates straw, clay, gravel and water to create free form housing with rarely a square corner in the home. Some cob houses in England have been standing for 500 years and in some areas of England there are tens of thousands of cob homes. They are sturdy and remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Costa Rica real estate sustainable cob housing

An interior example of cob housing

Pizote Flats is a part of the Osa Mountain Village sustainable Costa Rica real estate development. Lot owners in Pizote Flats can build any type of custom home they want to build. They are not limited to cob housing alone (we just think they are really cool). Pizote Flats residents will be able to participate in the food distribution and use community common areas such as the pool, community center and rancho/bar area. HOA dues of $150 per month are paid to Osa Mountain Village community by residents of Pizote Flats.

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