Costa Rica Timeshare

Costa Rica timeshare ownership is one of our purchase options at Osa Mountain Village. Imagine owning a month in our resort community every year… forever. We believe we have the best timeshare ownership program you will ever come across in Costa Rica real estate. Fractional ownership in a 1 bedroom villa in Toucan Meadows is divided into 13 four week shares. Each four week share costs $23,000. Annual HOA dues for each four week share is $350. The dues include the electricity, water, maintenance to the exterior and interior of the villa and replacement of furniture whenever needed. It also includes free food from our community food supply to you when you and your family personally stay at Osa Mountain Village.*

When you purchase a timeshare ownership in one of our 1 bedroom villas, annually you are issued 28 rental credits for each fractional share that you buy. You can use those credits to stay in any size villa that is in our rental pool at the time you are booking. The different size villas each have a different value in the rental pool. A 1 bedroom villa costs or is worth 1 rental credit, a 2 bedroom loft duplex villa costs or is worth 1.35 credits, a 2 bedroom stand alone villa costs or is worth 1.65 credits and a 3 bedroom villa costs or is worth 2 credits in the rental pool. With your 28 credits you can stay 28 days in a 1 bedroom villa. This is your 4 weeks a year. However, you have the flexibility to redeem the credits in larger size villas. You just wont be able to stay as long that year. For instance, instead of staying four weeks in a one bedroom villa you can stay for 2 weeks in a 3 bedroom villa which costs 2 credits per day.

The credits are also used to determine profit you are owed if you leave your villa in the rental pool for all or part of the year instead of using it for your personal pleasure. By using this credit system we are able to pay profits to all villa owners that have their villa in the rental pool in the most equitable and fair way possible. Since it is a pool, it makes no difference if one villa is rented slightly more than another one. Profits are split equally by all villa owners in the pool. Owners are paid based on how many credits they have in the pool and the total number of credits in the pool.

We have the most flexible and fair Costa Rica timeshare programs in the country. Take advantage of our fly and buy program and come down to stay with us. We’ll credit you $1,500 off the price for a couple and $1,000 for an individual if you purchase at Osa Mountain Village after visiting us.

*Free food is not included for tourists renting villas at Osa Mountain Village unless they have booked an all inclusive vacation package.

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