Using Retirement Funds

Many of our buyers have opted to use their retirement funds to purchase at Osa Mountain Village. If you have money sitting in an IRA or 401k and you would like to know more about putting those funds to use towards something other than the usual stocks, bonds, commodities and mutual funds consider investing in Osa Mountain Village. You can even partner with your IRA or 401k to co-purchase a property. It is not common knowledge to the public at large that many other options exist outside the usual investment options presented by the big firms. Some of things you can do with your retirement funds to earn income for your retirement account are: making loans to people and collecting interest and principle, starting a business and then running that business from inside your IRA or 401k account, buying foreign and domestic real estate for rental income and appreciation when sold in the future, etc.

As you can see there are a lot of things you can do with your retirement funds that are outside of the box of what the big firms offer. An IRA or 401k account that will allow you to implement these other options needs to be held with a firm that offers “self-directed” retirement accounts. There are many of these types of firms out there to choose from. Buyers at Osa Mountain Village have used these two firms to set up their accounts…

Set Up a Selfdirected IRA LLC

Both of these firms have certain basic advantages over the other one. In a nutshell, Entrust can set you up for a lower amount of money up front, but will have higher annual maintenance fees than specializes in setting up an LLC which is funded by your IRA or 401k giving you checkbook control of your retirement funds. This option, which costs more to set up initially, can save you a bundle in transaction fees down the road depending on the type on investments you make. For instance, if you were to buy a home site and build a house on it using retirement funds you could save a bundle writing your own checks while going through the construction process instead having them cut by your account facilitator.

If you have questions about using a retirement account to purchase at Osa Mountain Village please contact Duane Overturf at 818-561-5602. He has made several purchases including partnering with his and his wife’s retirement accounts in Costa Rica. Use the form below to contact Duane directly.

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