Costa Rica has been called one of the most biodiverse places on the planet more than once and the Osa Peninsula is perhaps the most biodiverse area within the country. With its location between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica offers the perfect climate for exotic flora and fauna. In fact, it is home to about 5% of all the animals on the planet with over 800 species of birds alone. Considering the country is only about the size of West Virginia that number is amazing when you realize that is more than all the bird species found in the USA and Canada combined.

Costa Rica Mangrove Forest Ecosystem

Costa Rica Has A Large Mangrove Forest On The Southern Pacific Coast

It is a bird watchers paradise for sure. But Costa Rica’s biodiversity doesn’t end there. More than 8,750 species of plants and trees are found in Costa Rica. Many of them are protected by the government and individuals that are found guilty of cutting down a protected tree will most likely find themselves faced with a massive fine and possibly other repercussions as well. Given the vast diversity of the landscape in the country there are countless micro-climates located in lowland jungles to high cloud forests and from the tall volcano peaks to the hot, humid beaches with their Mangrove forest ecosystems. Each micro-climate has its own unique ecological balance and variety of flora and fauna. Some of these micro-climates contain species that are found no where else on the planet. Entomologists will find themselves overwhelmed with more than 35,000 species of insects and tens of thousands of subspecies. Its enough to keep anyone busy for years trying to locate and identify each and every one of them.

The biodiversity of Costa Rica plays a major role in its attraction to tourists and has made it the ecotourism capital of the world. Costa Rica is indeed a tropical wonderland with much to offer that will never cease to amaze those who take advantage of everything it has to offer!