Environment in Costa Rica

The government of Costa Rica is very serious about maintaining the environment of the country. After all, it is a perfect world for tourists and residents alike. There are many policies and laws that confirm the governments commitment too. As one of the world’s outspoken leaders in favor of protecting the environment, Costa Rica is in a race with several other countries to be the first carbon-neutral country in the world. Costa Rica’s biodiversity is one of its main draws for tourists and environmentalists alike and ecotourism keeps money flowing into this beautiful country which offers so much to everyone who visits, works and lives here.

At times it may seem like the protection of the environment is excessive. Especially when you are trying to get permitting to build a home or development. Environmental impact studies will need to be done before you will be able to proceed. Tagging of trees that cannot be removed requires a visit from one of the many permitting agencies. Another agency will issue the building permits, but only after you’ve gotten the appropriate stamps on all the other documents. And the list goes on and on.

Here in Costa Rica, over 31 laws have been created to protect the environment. Chances are that more than one of these laws will impact your life here whether you are a tourist or live here full time. There are laws that have been created to sustain the National Parks that exist throughout the country and to assure a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy. Many of these regulations are very strict and provide for heavy fines and/or even jail time for disrespecting and breaking these laws.

Costa Rican residents depend on the bank of laws, rules and regulations for things like maintaining their water quality that is used for industry, business and for everyday life as well. There are laws that govern the maritime zone in Costa Rica to keep it clean and unpolluted. There are laws imposing huge fines and even potential shut down of a project for cutting down trees that are protected and laws governing how builders are allowed to plan their developments throughout the country. Mining codes, fencing and burning laws as well as laws that control the consistent improvement of the environment in Costa Rica also exist.

A beautiful country, a biodiverse collection of plants and animals, freedom to explore the charms of Costa Rica and a government that continues to protect it all, will keep tourists visiting and residents loving and respecting the most amazing country on the planet!