Costa Rica Resort Community

A Costa Rica resort community tour by Organically Magical Villages will introduce you to many different communities you might consider calling home. The Osa Mountain Village Resort Community is an eclectic mix of people. They come from all walks of life representing several countries, including India, Spain, Canada, the USA and Costa Rica. Las Villas De San Buenas is a Costa Rica resort community that will most certainly attract a lot of retirees with an excellent location 5 minutes from the Osa Hospital and next door to San Buenas Golf Course. Costa Bali is less than 2 miles off the paved Coast highway and will attract a unique group of courageous people to live “Bali Style” in a Costa Rica community. Rancho San Roque is a Costa Rica community based around permaculture principles and will be off-the-grid offering a truly authentic sustainable community. Serenity Gardens is another Costa Rica resort community based around education and we have some awesome properties for sale there. I could go on, but instead take a quick look at this awesome video done by a Costa Rica community resident, Laurie Gustafson. Special thanks to Laurie for creating this great piece.

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