Weather In Costa Rica

Weather in Costa Rica is diverse. The country is located a little bit north of the equator and rises quickly from sea level to over 12,000 feet at its highest point on the summit of Mt. Chirripo. The entire country is about the size of West Virginia and yet despite its small size has all but the highest and lowest climate zones of the planet making it very unique in terms of weather. Being located close to the equator does bring with it a mostly tropical climate with the mean temperature being in the 80’s for the country on average.

Along the coast of Costa Rica you will find it to be hot and humid for a lot of the year. As you climb in altitude though you find that it cools off considerably even though you are close to the equator. At the 2,000 feet elevation it is just about perfect. Not too hot in the day and not too cold in the evening for most of the year. There are of course exceptions when a major cold front may come the arctic or antarctic. Generally speaking though the weather in Costa Rica is what most people would call ideal.

Weather At Osa Mountain Village

The video above will give you an idea of what the weather is like at Osa Mountain Village. The weather at Osa Mountain Village is nearly perfect all year long. Being at an average of 2,000 feet elevation helps keep the daytime temperature 10 to 15 degrees cooler than it is at sea level. This is just enough of a difference to make it really enjoyable throughout most of year. Evening time is warm with an occasional cool breeze coming down from the mountain top. It would be hard to find a more desirable location to live in terms of climate and weather. We like to say, “For the best weather in Costa Rica, come to Osa Mountain Village”.