New Community Gourmet Gardens

Food production at Osa Mountain Village Resort is important. With the goal to be 100% food and water sustainable we have our work cut out for us. Bob and Louanne Crosby have a lot to do with the success of our food production and having recently attended a course at Growing Power they are ready to implement many of the techniques they learned while they were there. One of things they decided to do was create two sections for food production. The first is our primary area where we have local, hired help that tend to the gardens. This section of the gardens will have the goal of creating enough food to feed the community the staples that are already known to grow well in the region. These include but are not limited to cauliflower, lettuce, green onions and brown onions, squash, certain herbs, papaya, bananas, plantains, quadrados, a type of spinach, chickens and eggs, tilapia, rabbits, ducks and geese to name just a few.

The second section of the gardens will be the new gourmet community gardens. This will be run more like a co-op where anyone that wants to participate can have a section of land in the gardens to grow whatever they want. The group of community growers will then trade and share what they grow with the rest of the people participating. I personally have chosen to grow several types of kale, spinach, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe and snap peas.

We have been blessed by many people bringing down various organic seeds to give us a huge variety of vegetables and other foods to grow. Some of these may not grow well here and other varieties may do extremely well. Time will tell what we grow on an on-going basis. Other people are growing peanuts, chard, broccoli, herbs, a variety of different greens and much more. The idea is that the community gardens will contribute the variety many of us are used to having and enjoy cooking with. Each persons plot will be watched for destructive insects by the hired help who will spray organic insect repellent to keep them at bay. With everyone involved we are excited about the possibilities that our new community gourmet gardens brings to the table… if you’ll pardon the pun.