New ‘Due Diligence’ Tour For Prospective Buyers

We are excited to introduce our new “Due Diligence Tour” for prospective buyers to come down and see what we have goin’ on here at Osa Mountain Village. The new tour will help a person or family decide if they like the area where we are located and if they could see themselves moving and living here. The special price of this tour requires that it be booked directly with us… no agents. During the green season the price is $999 per couple. It is $100 more during high season and $200 more during the christmas holidays.

The price includes four nights in a villa for 2 adults and 3 meals a day for each of you during your stay. In addition you will get a personal tour of Osa Mountain Village by Jim Gale, who will share his passion for the community and the vision for the future. You’ll get guided tours of our gardens and sustainable systems to learn about the food we are growing, where our water comes from and the waste to energy center we are constructing to turn garbage into fuel.

You’ll receive a guided nature hike on the property down to our waterfalls with Carlos, who will point out many interesting things in the jungle that you would normally walk right by. You’ll get a chance to enjoy our butterfly gardens where you can’t help but smile. Then you’ll get a guided tour of the local area where you would do much of your local shopping. You see where some of us buy our local beef and pork and get homemade sausages made. We’ll introduce you to the local fish monger who sells the freshest tuna you have ever eaten. We’ll stop buy the local bulk stores and grocery stores and show you where you would buy hardware and home materials, etc. And we’ll show you where to get specialty food items if you are a person that likes to cook more than the typical fare. You’ll also have some time to do some exploring on your own and visit the local Ballena Beach Club if you like.

Depending on the length of time you have in the country you may want to visit some other areas of Costa rica or stay longer in the Osa area. We can help you with car rentals, other lodging for your stay, shuttles and anything else you might need for your trip. We can even design the perfect trip for you that includes everything you want and nothing you don’t. Please use the contact form below to inquire.

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