Northern Communities

The north pacific region of Costa Rica offers a great lifestyle and as such, is an area where many north americans have settled for retirement or just to live a life less ordinary. It is one of the few blue zones of the world and one of the largest too. Many people live well past 100 years of age in the area. The town of Liberia is home to around 60,000 permanent residents and is the largest town in the region. Liberia has its own international airport with flights from London, the USA and Canada flying regularly. Liberia is also home to a CIMA private hospital that accepts US insurance. There are many shops and even some familiar fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King in Liberia. Liberia is a coastal area where you’ll find many of the amenities you might be used to if you are coming from the USA or Canada.

The northern coastal area is considerably dryer than the rest of the country with some parts openly receiving a few inches of rain a year while other areas nearby may receive close to 200 inches of rain. The Guanacaste area and the Nicoya Peninsula in particular have a coast line more similar to Nicaragua or Mexico when it comes to the natural vegetation. During the dry season, which runs from December to April there is very little rain. Liberia it self will only receive a couple inches during those four months. This lends to a lower overall humidity in the area when compared to areas further south in the country.

Some of the best beaches in Costa Rica are along the northern coastal areas. There are many small cove beaches within a short drive of Liberia that have white sand and amazing ambiance. One of the most notable is Playas Del Coco. This has been a favourite beach for many years and has loads of shopping. Just to north is Playa Hermosa where you’ll find waters gentle enough to swim. To the south there are many more beaches and towns along the coastline.

The north coast area is the hottest real estate market around with Tamarindo leading the way. Ocean view lots and homes can be found at many price points along the coast depending on how dramatic the views are from the property. You’ll also find mountain and valley view lots in communities offering all the amenities you’ve come to expect as well as properties outside of gated projects if you are looking for the benefits of a property like that.

The north also offers some areas in the mountains not far from the beaches and the town of Liberia. This is the area most tourists will travel to in order to go zip-lining or visit the thermal mud baths and hot springs under the Rincon Del La Vieja volcano and national park. These areas offer cooler temperatures with the higher altitude and distant views of the ocean and mountains and valleys in between while still being within 30 minutes of Liberia and all it offers.

It is easy to get to the north area by flying directly to Liberia, but one can also fly into San Jose and drive the four hours or fly one of the local commuter airlines, Sansa or Nature Air. It is a very short flight from San Jose to Liberia with many flights each day. Sometimes the cost will be less to fly to San Jose and use the commuter flight than it will be to fly direct to Liberia. We recommend checking both options whenever you are flying if you want to get the best price and don’t mind a little extra travel time.

Organically Magical Villages does not endorse a specific community over another community or project. The communities below are in the northern area near Liberia and the surrounding area. They are communities that we like the project and the people we have met associated with the project. If we do not like a project it does not get put on our website. That is not to say that we have checked out every community out there, we have not. Click on the community name for details about each community or call us at 800-994-6239 and we’ll be happy to tell you more about each community and answer your questions.

Gated Residential Communities

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