Las Villas De San Buenas

Las Villas De San Buenas is located adjacent to the San Buenas Golf Resort & Spa. With 150 acres for development and a 20 acre jungle preserve, Las Villas De San Buenas is the latest sustainable development in the southern zone. The developer team consists of many of the same investors that helped launch the nearby Osa Mountain Village Resort. Las Villas De San Buenas is better located than the vast majority of sustainable communities in Costa Rica. Only 1.2 miles off the main Costanera Hwy the road to Las Villas De San Buenas is a level, 2 wheel drive gravel road. It is also closer to shopping than the other local developments that are located several miles off the Hwy.

Another big advantage of Las Villas is the price point. Right now a 613 sq. ft. one bedroom home with solid block wall construction with the lot can be had for only $75,000. There is a limited number of these specials where the lot price has been reduced to only $20,000. They won’t last long, but even after the lot special ends you can still get a house and lot for as little as $80,000. There are also 2 estate lot phases with 39 total home sites and 21 of them are sold. There is only one ocean view lot left for sale in the estate section.

Below is the masterplan for the mountain view lots of Las Villas De San Buenas.


Shown below are estate lot phases 1 & 2…

Phase 1 Estate Section


Phase 2 Estate Section


The project is being developed under condominium law which has the strictest laws regarding environmental impact. The condo law also requires the 11 parks throughout the community. Buyers are encouraged to plant edibles in their yards surrounding their house and some of the existing parks will have some community gardens for farming as well. Fruit trees will be planted all around the property. Water comes from a local spring. Energy efficient appliances are encouraged as well as LED lighting. Food production will largely be up to the community with the help of local farm hands. There is enough park and green area to grow all the food the community needs to live abundantly if that is what the community wants to do. In the future, we envision having a local farmers market where neighbours trade things they grow with local community members.

Las Villas De San Buenas uses a rental pool where owners that are not living in their homes can receive rental income from their units. Sixty percent of the gross income from rental revenues (after any agent commissions) goes directly into the pockets of the owners. The other 40 percent is kept by rental management for promotion, cleaning, and managing the rental of the homes in the pool.

The way the program has been set up is that each of the homes has been assigned a value. That value is based on the investment made to purchase the land and home. A home is not automatically included in the pool. At the end of each quarter, 60% of the total revenue is put into the rental distribution pool. The total of all credits for all size homes in the pool during that quarter is tallied and divided into the revenue to arrive at a dollar per credit value for that quarter. That figure is then multiplied by each home owners number of credits they had in the pool to arrive at an amount to be dispersed to each home owner in the pool.

This system makes for a very fair way of splitting up the revenue equally among all owners with homes in the rental pool. It makes no difference if one home is rented a little more or less than any other, as everyone receives the same return on investment using this system.

If you are a shared ownership buyer you will receive your statement only once per year instead of quarterly. Full home owners will see an adjustment once per year as a result of paying fractional owners any back money owed throughout the other three quarters of the year.

Local videos taken by Nick Halverson, CEO of Las Villas De San Buenas, that capture the local culture, flora and fauna of the area surrounding the development.

Close to the property are waterfalls and hiking trails to take in the beauty of the rainforest.

Open Google Earth to see Las Villas De San Buenas exact location from satellite.

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