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The Costa Rica Business Opportunity Network at Osa Mountain Village is comprised of many different types of Costa Rica businesses all of which are owned by local residents of the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Members can receive the exclusive right to a particular type of business within our network which virtually guarantees them referrals from all the other members of the business network and no competition from within the community. As our network grows, the success of all members will grow right along with the network. There are many great available business opportunities we are looking forward to having within the Osa Mountain Business Network community that are still up for grabs too.

So, if you have an idea for a business that you are interested in starting don’t wait too long to commit because the business could very well be gone next week if someone else with the same idea decides to join our network and take that business. You can view some available business opportunities as well as businesses that are spoken for below. This is certainly not a complete list of available businesses and as we think of new ones we will add them to this list. Use your imagination and turn one of your passions into a business in paradise. To get an idea of what is already taking place in regards to businesses being started, here’s a recent list…

Butterfly Farm & Hummingbird Gardens
Hiking, Camping & Waterfall Rappelling Tours
Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing
Toucan Tilly’s Bar
OMV Guest Services
Stop Mold & Pests
Osa Mountain Concierge
Cuesta Burro Cabinas
OMV Community Eco-Tour
Osa Martial Arts School
Wedding Planning & Photography
Step Through The Looking Glass Jewelry & Gift Shop
Blue Morpho Cafe & Gift Shop
The Cat With One Eye Bar
OMV Market & DVD Rental
Pack & Send Mail Shoppe & Shipping Service
Mountain Biking
Rafting River Float Trips
Picture This Tour Photography
Osa Mountain Village Brands
Superman Line Helmet Cams
Tree House Rentals
Osa Animal Sanctuary
Pura Vida Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition Studio
Osa Oneness Sanctuary
Cilantro Cafe
Osa Oh! Naturium, Observatory & Natural Planetarium
Chocolate Manufacturing & Tours
Qigong, Tai Chi Classes
Osa Mystery Cabin
Horseback Riding Tours
Kayaking Tours

Living in the southern pacific region of Costa Rica will be an amazing experience. Imagine waking up up to the sounds of Howler Monkeys and the calls of any of the hundreds of bird species that live on and around the Osa Peninsula. National Geographic has called the Osa Peninsula area one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet and Costa Rica the world’s most perfect climate. Costa Rica has also been found to be one of the happiest countries on the planet and the people have achieved this level of happiness using less of the planets resources than most other countries including the United States.

Isn’t it time to make a change in your life for the better? If you can dream of it, make it real in Costa Rica.

Below is a list of Costa Rica business opportunities available in the Osa Mountain Business Network. Already, there are many new businesses starting at Osa Mountain Village as you saw from the previous list. Although we do our best to update this list as soon as a new business has been spoken for there is sometimes a lag in that happening and we apologize if the business you want has already been taken by someone else. But not to worry, there are still many great businesses to choose from and even more we haven’t thought of yet. If you have questions about any of these businesses we would be glad to offer our help. Contact us if you are interested in any of these businesses or if you have an idea not on the list.

Pilates Studio
Reptiles & Amphibian (Serpentarium)
Ultralight Flights
Hang Gliding Tours
Child Care Center
Phase 2 Fine Dining Restaurant
Weight Loss Retreat
Seminars & Conferences, Corporate Retreats Business
Daily & Hourly Car Rentals
Spa & Massage
Climate Controlled Storage Facility
Greenhouse Sales
Fruit & Vegetable Stand
ATV Tours
Books & Ice Cream Shoppe
Organic Food Packaging & Sales
Ropes Challenge Course

There will be more businesses coming as we think of them. What interests you?

Business opportunities in our network are reserved for residents and investors of Osa Mountain Village. There will be only one of each type of business in our network assuring business owners an exclusive business. Our community will be a fun place to live an abundant life. With on-site food production, entertainment, and with over a square mile of private, primary forest to play in we have an amazing community in the making and you can be a part of it all.

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