Refuge of Love Orphanage

A project of the community at Osa Mountain Village is The Refuge Of Love Orphanage. One very important aspect though, is that we will not be an orphanage in its typical form. We intend to be a vision of what an orphanage could and should be. In fact, we don’t even consider ourselves to be building an orphanage. We’re building a refuge for children.

It’s true that we will take in orphans. However, our refuge will raise these young children as a family. Unlike most orphanages, our intentions are not to bring these children in to simply offer them for adoption at a later date. We also do not want to be a foster home. We will simply be a “home”. We want to bring orphaned infants and children within our walls to raise them with the help from the hearts of our community. Making sure that these kids grow up the right way is viewed as an opportunity for us to make the world a better place one child at a time. The children will be loved deeply by the people that care for them. We will work every moment of the day to assure that they have a chance to become successful and grow to the full potential that we know is within each child.

Our children will live in a sustainable environment with people who are not their biological parents, but love them like they are. Our orphans are our family. The children will know this by the way in which they are raised. All we ask from them is to smile big and smile often… to have fun like children are supposed to do! They are an extension of our hearts and of our desire to do what’s best for those that don’t always get that opportunity. Every child has a chance to feel loved and have a future. This is what makes The Refuge of Love Orphanage different.

They say, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, we are that village.

Tens of thousands of children in Costa Rica are without parents, and there are millions across the world. Though we can only take in a few dozen orphans at a time, we believe we can serve as the model of what other orphanages should be like. We want other groups to look at us, orphans to return to us and the world to smile on us, all uttering the same 6 words, “Your model changed and saved lives”. For this praise, we look forward to offering up a simple response of, “Let us show you how”.

Our “sustainable” model teaches valuable life lessons and sets our children on an effective path for the world of tomorrow. It’s a model that allows us to keep the costs low, but the health, wellness, safety and love for Costa Rican culture high. It’s a model that provides wonderful possibilities for the futures of our children while taking advantage of the professionals in our community and embracing the realities of the world in which we live.

That being said, it’s truly our family-based approach and model of love that we believe will set us apart from other orphanages. It’s a model that we believe will make us more than an orphanage and proud to call ourselves The Refuge of Love.