Rental Management

Osa Mountain Village has created a unique rental pool program where owners that are not living in their villas can receive rental income from their units. Sixty percent of the gross income from rental revenues goes directly into the pockets of the villa owners. The other 40 percent is kept by rental management for promotion, cleaning, and managing the rental of the villas in the pool.

The way the program has been set up is that each of the four different size villas has been assigned a value. That value is based on the investment made to purchase that size villa in relation to the other three size villas. The value for each size villa are: One Bedroom Villa= 1 credit, Two Bedroom Loft Villa= 1.35 credits, Two Bedroom Stand Alone Villa= 1.65 credits, Three Bedroom Stand Alone Villa= 2 credits. Your villa is automatically included in the pool. For each day you take your villa out of the rental pool through personal use or any other reason the corresponding number of credits is deducted from your credits in the pool that quarter.

At the end of each quarter, 60% of the total revenue is put into the rental distribution pool. The total of all credits for all size villas in the pool during that quarter is tallied and divided into the revenue to arrive at a dollar per credit value for that quarter. That figure is then multiplied by each villa owners number of credits they had in the pool to arrive at an amount to be dispersed to each villa owner in the pool.

This system makes for a very fair way of splitting up the revenue equally among all owners with villas in the rental pool. It makes no difference if one villa is rented a little more or less than any other, as everyone receives the same profit using this system.

In addition, owners that do not live in their unit can come down and use their credits towards staying in a different size villa than the one they purchased in the same way that fractional owners can. This is another perk of the credits system. For instance, an owner of a one bedroom villa can come down and stay in a three bedroom villa if they want and instead of having 1 credit a day deducted from their credits in the pool, two credits a day would be deducted.

If you are a shared ownership buyer you will receive your statement only once per year instead of quarterly. Full villa owners will see an adjustment once per year as a result of paying fractional owners any back money owed throughout the other three quarters of the year.