According to Wikipedia “sustainability” is the capacity to endure. Dictionaries have a more varied definition of the term with more than 10 different meanings. Since the 1980’s the term has primarily been used to describe human sustainability on planet earth and in terms of development the most widely excepted definition comes from the United Nations in 1987… “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

That sounds like it can be summed up as… don’t take more than you can replace and to leave the land and planet in as good or better condition than how you found them.

Costa Rica Waterfall On Osa Mountain Village Property

Waterfalls in Costa Rica Can Be Quite Tall Like This 325 Footer On The Osa Mountain Village Property

At Osa Mountain Village we are working hard to create sustainable systems on our 750+ acres of land. Solar data is being collected to determine what will be needed to get our community areas off the electrical grid and eventually the entire community. Plans to build an energy conversion center are being developed with the help of Bob Crosby, one of our community members, and eventually we will be producing bio-diesel fuel from plant trimmings and other waste products generated by the community and from maintenance of the property. We are also examining the implementation of hydro-electric power for the community by harnessing the power of the river that runs through the property.

Sustainable food systems are being built using permaculture principles with the goal being a food forest capable of feeding all the residents with abundance. Vertical greenhouse growing systems are already built for those plants that are more fragile and need protection from the elements and insects. Tilapia ponds are being integrated into the landscape along with goats, chickens, ducks, and turkeys for a variety of meats and dairy products. All food being grown is organic for the tastiest food and highest level of nutrition for the residents and guests of the community.

For more information on specific areas of sustainability visit our pages on permaculture, food and water, animal husbandry and the energy conversion center.