World Institute for Sustainability & Ecology

Osa Mountain Village’s success thus far has been firmly based on the utilization of permaculture principles 24/7 here on site. Everything that we do is directed towards building a totally sustainable, fully functional, food producing resort community. With that said, when we first started planning our community… and then began to market and build our villas, buildings and infrastructure, there was a tremendous response and interest. Because of the amazing response, we decided to parallel the actual functioning body of Osa Mountain Village with a teaching side as well. We first started “The World Institute for Sustainability and Ecology” in October of 2009 and was able to fill our first class by January of 2010, just a short 3 months after our first idea came to be! Since then, we have had four successful classes, the last being in January of 2011, with over 20 students attending and successfully completing our Permaculture Studies Course. It was a 10-day class structure, with hands-on learning, a few field trips and so much more. Many of the concepts that we use daily now at Osa Mountain Village were first created during these classes. Since that course we have moved the location of WISE to Serenity Gardens Eco Village nearby Osa Mountain Village.

In our sustainable living courses, students focus on agroecology, alternative building materials, integrated waste management, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy sources, ecotourism and social entrepreneurship. Our students develop a working plan to induce beneficial changes that will create a positive impact in our society. With their experience at WISE, students will be able to learn the critical thinking skills to evaluate the sustainability behind agricultural production systems, hotel operations, communities and in their own homes as well. Upon completion of our program, our students work a special community project that will have social, environmental and economic benefits to the people of nearby communities here in Southern Costa Rica.

A few reasons why you should enroll in one of our sustainable living / permaculture design courses:

1. The tropical forest is one of the most diversified habitats on the planet. Learn how to help conserve the tropical forests of Costa Rica.

2. Do it yourself! Learn how to grow your own fruit crops, greens, roots and tubers organically. Permaculture design integrated into your lessons!

3. Learn how to use solar energy for cooking and for a healthy lifestyle.

4. Preserving water is a great challenge for our society. Learn how to conserve watersheds and how to farm in them so future generations will have a healthy water source.

5. Help us develop new sustainable projects within our community.

6. Integrated pest management is key for organic agriculture. Learn how we can deal with pests using only natural methods and plant extracts.

7. Biogas has an amazing potential as a renewable energy source. Build your own bio-digestor and cook with natural methane gas.

8. Composting is the key to saving the world´s soils from deterioration. Build your own compost pile and learn about the many different composting techniques.

9. Try your own permaculture garden designing and learn about crops in our bio-intensive research garden.

10. Learn the principles of rainwater harvesting and how we can use rainwater to minimize our external water use.

Take a moment to visit our site at and contact us for information regarding our next class in 2013 and beyond.