Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry refers to the agricultural raising and breeding of livestock. The word humane refers to having compassion, tenderness or sympathy for people or animals. So humane animal husbandry would the practice of raising and breeding livestock compassionately, tenderly and with sympathy for the wellbeing of the animal throughout its life. This is a far cry from the practices of modern factory farming for virtually every type animal being raised for food in large scale operations.

At Osa Mountain Village we strive to create a healthy, free ranging environment for the animals we raise for community food and food products. Our best efforts are put forth to keep all of our animals healthy without the use of harmful antibiotics, insecticides or other chemical products widely used in the food industry. At night our chickens have a roosting area and during the day they run with their rooster eating insects in the vegetable gardens. Our turkeys are raised the same way. Our tilapia ponds can produce more tilapia than our community can consume.

With regards to the slaughtering of animals, great care is taken to minimize the suffering of all animals being readied for the table. We also provide our livestock with a good life up until the moment they are called upon to provide sustenance for the community. Our animals do not live in small cages where they cannot turn around, instead they range freely on the hillsides near our food production and permaculture areas.

We will continue to expand our animal husbandry program at Osa Mountain Village and expect to be 100% food secure on the property in the future. Humane animal husbandry will also play an integral part in the food security of the community.