Food & Water

Imagine catching your own fish in one of the tilapia ponds at Osa Mountain Village, and then strolling through the gardens for some fresh rosemary, before grabbing some plantanos (plantain bananas) for dinner and some fresh eggs for tomorrows breakfast. Food production and food sustainability are an integral part of the infrastructure of Osa Mountain Village. Our goal is to be a 100% food sustainable community in case it is ever needed… and in case it isn’t.

Food Sustainability

A sustainable development must have a sustainable food supply in order to survive. Food production is under way at Osa Mountain Village on a small scale which continues to grow with the communities needs. A permaculture inspired food forest will feed the community from thousands of fruit trees and other food bearing plants. Throughout the community we are creating an edible landscape that is beautiful in addition to nutritious. Macadamias, cashews, almonds, avocados, oranges and many other types of trees are in the mix. Large ponds are being constructed for the purpose of farming tilapia. The first pond is already finished and was stocked with 3,000 fingerlings. In the future, fresh water shrimp, clams and lobsters may be raised in the ponds along with the tilapia. Greenhouses on the property grow the types of vegetables and herbs that are more susceptible to the elements in a vertical system creating thousands of growing sites in a small area. We are raising our own chickens, eggs and goats. We are a work in progress and welcome all suggestions.

Water Sustainability

The water supply for Osa Mountain Village residents comes from numerous springs or “nacimientos” that bubble out of the ground at the upper elevations on the Osa Mountain Village property. The supply has been tested and was found to be enough to supply over 600 homes which means we have 3 times as much water than the development requires when completed. Water from these springs is directed to large collection tanks located high enough above the community to provide good water pressure into the homes. The spring water passes through a sand filtration system before entering the tank to help ensure clean water into the homes. In addition to our community water filtration system we recommend purchasing a home water filtration system as well for safety. These are readily available at local hardware stores.