It all started as a vision with a simple concept… to create a fully functional, food producing, sustainable resort community in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Then came the 750+ acres of jungle land, untouched and pristine! Enter many driven souls, creative ideas and hard work and we now are able to present to you, “Osa Mountain Village”.

What drives this concept is our practice of permaculture principles. Everything that we do is predicated upon the idea of becoming the most amazing community on the planet… again, TOTALLY SUSTAINABLE and eventually off grid. A free-standing entity that can utilize what Mother Nature has given us to drive the lives of everyone with the foresight to have become involved! Totally free of outside influence and plugged into the natural energy outlet one calls, “sustainability”.

We follow simple and natural rules to continue to this point in time. We have planted over 3,000 fruit trees to assure the timely readiness of ripe, colorful fruits… all varieties… more than you can ever imagine. We use greenhouse vertical growing systems to grow organic veggies… tasty, healthy and fresh! Herbs will grow as a platform to our “edible landscaping” theme throughout the communities at Osa Mountain Village.

In many of our crop and garden areas, our grey water has been diverted into banana circles to assist in the recycling and cleaning of the water, as well as adding to the quality and quantity of our banana production. We also will be utilizing bio-digestors for the creation of methane gas to assist in the production of energy for our community kitchens.

Our free-range chickens will produce enough eggs for the community, each and every day, forever! Fresh eggs right from the source… no refrigeration needed! With the help of a healthy goat population, we can produce yogurt, cheese and milk. Our tilapia ponds will bear more than enough healthy fish to harvest for the entire community. The ponds, along with our community fishing boat, will offer all types of fish to eat on a daily basis.

Our infrastructure uses, “swale landscaping” to enhance natural water-collection methods, reducing the chances of erosion and crop destruction in the wet season. This also allows for equal distribution of water for plant watering during the dry season.

This is only a fraction of how we have incorporated permaculture principles into our community structure. For more information on our permaculture and future plans come visit us soon or contact us with your questions.