This Costa Rica Real Estate Project Is A Work In Process

Osa Mountain Village Resort & Eco Adventure Park is one of those Costa Rica real estate projects that are few and far between. The community, which started to come together about 18 to 20 months ago when the first villas were being finished, has now grown to 11 families with more planning to move here in the near future when their villa is completed. It is an exciting time of making new friends and helping them through the initiation period where everything that CAN test them DOES and some reassuring that things get better is indeed needed.

One of the reasons I am writing this post is because I want to remind people that we are a work in process. We say it every week on our webinar that we are still a construction zone and will be for some time. We haven’t even broken ground on Eagle’s Crest which is in the architectural permitting process right now as I write this. There are systems functioning that are temporary and after heavy rains we sometimes experience malfunctions that need human attention in order to return to normal function. We deal with these things everyday as a community and we have come to understand that these are some of the growing pains we early pioneers have to endure.

An example of this might be a problem with water. After heavy rains we sometimes experience clogged sand filters and the storage tanks become empty. Once the filters are cleaned the tank refills and things return to normal, until the next heavy rains. Our permanent system will be in place soon which will eliminate this problem, but until then we all have to work with the current system. And this includes our guests that come to visit the resort. If the water isn’t working for us residents for a few hours it isn’t working for any villas, including the ones we put vacationers into. We are offering 50% off the rates we will be charging when we are a finished resort for this very reason.

It is also possible to be woken up by construction sounds, although it is far more likely to be woken up by howler monkeys and the hundreds of bird species coming alive in the morning. And unless you have reservations or have purchased one of our meals plans the restaurant may or may not be open when you want it to be. We highly recommend buying our pre-paid meal plan. One thing we do have is a great restaurant serving up amazing food. Dinners are four course with appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. We serve dinner family style so everyone can come together at the end of the day and share their experiences of the day.

So, when you come to visit us please don’t expect everything to be perfect, in fact, expect it not to be perfect and you’ll have an amazing time. The bottom line is that we are a work in process and we want you to be aware of it before you arrive.